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I AM AN ACTIVIST... not by title or declaration, but by my activities for over 30 years, I fit that definition in its entirety, completely, and exactly! Having been regulated out of a 35 year old business, left me with NOTHING TO LOSE, A LOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS, AND A PISSED OFF ATTITUDE - The least I can do is be a thorn in the political bear’s side (or a loose cannon on a runaway train)!? - CALL ME KARMA WITH VENGEANCE! There is a difference between doing something ABOUT the homeless and FOR the homeless. The current economic trends did not JUST happen. . . but is JUST THE BEGINNING!!? Solutions can only be found by understanding the causes.

15 September, 2007

The Increase of Homelessness - U.$.$.A.

Here's the sequence of events... that becomes an unpleasant surprise...?...

You struggle to accumulate enough down payment to acquire affordable payments... and, if you are fortunate enough that job security, lack of wage increase, personal problems with family like medical or credit doesn't disrupt financial plans such as rent and other expense increases that keep you struggling, you try to down size. You start by moving (temporarily of course) to a smaller location, and maybe putting some "stuff" in a min-storage. It's a common method, which is the first step in losing your stuff... (of course the upside is - you have less stuff to worry about). Next, you cut back on other "unnecessary" expenses like recreational equipment, vacations, household appliances - either reduced or eliminated, and often when either getting a second job or putting in overtime for a few months, stress levels are enhanced (especially if everyone is pushing the envelope), which adds to frustration and all the other wholesome ingredients effecting the harmony in relationships - just to make it all worth while!(?) - The national figures show the record breaking results of those ingredients. Then you begin to realize that you are no longer trying to get ahead, but it's become necessary to do all this - just to stay afloat... and somehow it isn't quite enough. And if your job downsizes and/or there is a reduction of need for your field of expertise altogether- and just "any-kind-of-job" won't maintain rent payments, after which even those jobs aren't easily available when you don't live anywhere! Sound familiar?

Of course, not everyone is that unfortunate - there are those who have it worse - some actually get into a place (finally)- fix up some customized preferences after which things happen like unexpected closing costs, repairs, balloon payments and/or rise in interest rates THEN if other surprise misfortunes like job down sizing, illness or babies, accidents, more unanticipated repairs on the house, vehicles etc., don’t occur (hah!), the increasing costs of gas, food, clothing household items etc. (and recent years indicate what’s coming) and just after spending more than expected to make improvements or rehabs... you may think of (or even remember) some others that have been what has caused the increases in the foreclosures that we are all aware of.

After the next step (down) for many, (like the over 3 million in the last few years), resort to living in a vehicle (which doesn't do much for job appearance or performance), ends with a repo., if break-down, registration & insurance doesn't overwhelm the lack of budget first. After that, having the shopping cart being taken away is easier to accept. Oh yes! You can only keep stuff you can carry with you while looking for that "any-kind-of-job" (you resorted to) or you'll lose that when the cops raid your camp. Then the benefits of making it a crime for just being homeless show just how constructive it is!!?!..... and no one will listen to you because now you are one of them

Oh , (and of course... you believe)... you it would never happen to you... and besides, screw all those "derelicts" it does happen to anyway!! - Yes... That's what over 2 million in the U.S. used to say! But, then... many of you... (that don't yet know who you are) will show up at centers like so many of the new faces (and typically) with the same look on the face. When you do, I'll be there to let you know who you are - especially those of you who have been kicking homeless people to the curb - and those of you - do know who you are!! ...(and we will remember who you are. That is... what it is... that goes around... and then comes right back a - flying-around!!

I am... A. John Doe Homeless
...and still - On Strike against unfair Housing Costs!

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