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I AM AN ACTIVIST... not by title or declaration, but by my activities for over 30 years, I fit that definition in its entirety, completely, and exactly! Having been regulated out of a 35 year old business, left me with NOTHING TO LOSE, A LOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS, AND A PISSED OFF ATTITUDE - The least I can do is be a thorn in the political bear’s side (or a loose cannon on a runaway train)!? - CALL ME KARMA WITH VENGEANCE! There is a difference between doing something ABOUT the homeless and FOR the homeless. The current economic trends did not JUST happen. . . but is JUST THE BEGINNING!!? Solutions can only be found by understanding the causes.

12 July, 2007

It Doesn't take a Disaster..... to be a Catastrophe in Anyone's Life!!

Homeless folks have all had something tragic… to compel changing a lifestyle to such desperate measures of living homelessly. The looting and crimes committed in New Orleans typifies one type of reaction… out of desperation. Survival mode will cause a different sense of values, and different people react in different ways, just as people who try to help do.
Folks that behaved inappropriately... were behaving inappropriately before becoming homeless. It is not appropriate to blame all the homeless for a specific behavior of a few. The tragedies that befell the victims of Katrina are traumatic obviously. But… not so obvious, is how equally traumatic becoming homeless is whatever the cause… losing life, property, life’s worth in general is devastating and is equally disconcerting. The despair accumulates and becomes overwhelming. When depression sets in, it enhances the decision making process. The complaints exemplify the results of these scenarios. Over three million homeless folks who have been trying to live within their means best they can with obstacles most people hopefully will never have to find out how to deal with. Many never find a way to cope at all!

Typically the government will come up with the wrong solution for a given problem. A new law being put into place all over the country, skirts around the abolishment of former vagrancy laws making it a crime to be homeless and violates Civil Rights!! How will this play out with Katrina’s victims being scattered throughout the country. With so much devastation, even FEMA will have to cut corners with funds short, and in communities like mine they’ll get up to $500 fine and/or 6 months in jail… (?)

*** And Barbara Bush, our presidente's mother... (no not a typo) remarked regarding the victims of Katrina that "Those people are all underprivileged anyway & ARE BETTER OFF"!!!?! An obvious Freudian slip............
*Read my lips.....NO NEW BUSH'S!!!!
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