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I AM AN ACTIVIST... not by title or declaration, but by my activities for over 30 years, I fit that definition in its entirety, completely, and exactly! Having been regulated out of a 35 year old business, left me with NOTHING TO LOSE, A LOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS, AND A PISSED OFF ATTITUDE - The least I can do is be a thorn in the political bear’s side (or a loose cannon on a runaway train)!? - CALL ME KARMA WITH VENGEANCE! There is a difference between doing something ABOUT the homeless and FOR the homeless. The current economic trends did not JUST happen. . . but is JUST THE BEGINNING!!? Solutions can only be found by understanding the causes.

11 July, 2006

I Urge Support for

I Encourage...(URGE) Support for...

During the past few years, an increasing number of folks are (finally) realizing the effect from the causes, fed up and think they are beginning a trend to encourage others to "boycott housing"... I agree, and I definitely support their attempts, but it is not a new idea. These folks are not homeless (yet)... their issue is still at the level of how hard it is to buy a home in the bay area, but support and promotion is certainly deserving.
Boycotting the purchase of housing has contributed to "rate corrections", but paying rent IE:(land owner support), you are defeating your intentions!!?! Just because you aren’t BUYING, you are still paying into the system and someone ELSE is benefitting!!?!

To emphasize, I support , and wish them well with hopes they can accomplish their goal (reducing housing costs). This will lend assistance to the same goal I've pursued by being "On Strike against unfair Housing Costs" since 1990, and thousands having conflict over housing costs & affordable wages also for ... the many of you who are not just traditional "street people". They only ask to sign on refusing to buy real estate in the bay area...(?) These folks who have still not yet fallen to the streets, vehicles and/or bushes are needed to speak up while they may still be listened to!!!

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